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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Eenie, Meenie, Mynie, Moe... Who will McCain Pick?

While most of the media have concentrated on the ongoing battle between Barack and Hillary, the conservatives of the country are more interested in just whom McCain will choose as his running mate. While I doubt John McCain will pay any attention to my suggestions, I'll make them anyway; it couldn't hurt.

The choice of a vice presidential candidate must be made with two particulars in mind: ability and politics. First, could this person run the country well in the event such becomes necessary? Let's face it-- John McCain is no spring chicken, and any vice president might well be called upon to take up the mantle of actually running the country. This makes the choice of a running mate not only aesthetically important, but also important in terms of the fate of the nation. I see only two Republicans who would be up to the job: Condoleeza Rice and Mitt Romney.

Both are geniuses. Both have a lot of experience making executive-level decisions. Both are respectable people, moralists, and have a degree of common sense. Just as importantly, both have the ability to communicate effectively, a trait not seen from the White House in the last eight years but which is of vital importance when it comes to motivating the people to get behind an administration.

Politically speaking, each of the two has something to offer McCain in the general election. Romney would more than likely get out the conservative vote, having been the choice of most conservatives in the Republican primary. Many of us still resent McCain for the dirty tricks he used to break Romney's momentum, and although Romney has been quite forgiving about that, we still harbor resentment over the issue. Moreover, making Romney the vice president would put him in line to be the logical nominee after McCain, which would be a good thing, at least from the conservative perspective. We would vote the ticket just to set our guy up for later.

Rice, despite what the tin-foil-hat wearing crowd will tell you, is one of the most favorably viewed figures in politics today. A good many Republicans were very disappointed that she didn't throw her hat into the ring this election. Personally, I believe that the presidency was hers for the taking; she just didn't want it yet. A vice presidential nomination, on the other hand, changes that perspective. She wouldn't be the focus of the same degree of scrutiny as would a presidential nominee-- the insults would be directed toward McCain. She has no thirst for power, but she wants to contribute. A vice presidency would be the perfect forum for such a contribution. Her nomination would also split at least two of the Democrats' key constituencies, bringing over a lot more of the much sought "undecided" vote. The only difficulty would be convincing her to take the offer.

Perhaps never in the history of the United States has the choice for vice president been so important. Let's hope McCain makes a good one.

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