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Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Fight Over Appearances: Hillary vs. Barack

Is there really any difference between the things Hillary Clinton wants to accomplish and the things Barack Obama hopes to do? Let's compare their various campaign promises and see...

Both promise to create a federally-funded health care system similar to those of Canada and the United Kingdom.

Both promise to withdraw troops from Iraq.

Both would increase entitlement spending (i.e. welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.).

Both would appoint federal judges who would take a very loose view of the Constitution, interpreting in any way that might promote social upheaval.

Both are essentially socialists, whose goal is for the government to encroach on the business sector as much as possible with the ostensible goal of "helping the little guy" (who always seems to get screwed over by this help somehow).

Both want to diminish the role of Christianity in the public sector, viewing with disdain those who still hold sacred the Bible-based traditions that forged our society and our nation.

Both have demonstrably lied (or "misspoken", as Hillary would put it) to the public several times during their campaigns.

Both have been cozy with known terrorists and terrorist-linked groups and individuals.

Both promise that they will raise our taxes, as if the current economic malaise wasn't hitting us hard enough as it is.

My question is: What's the difference? Sure, one would be the first black president, and one would be the first female president. So? Let's face it, after the inauguration ceremony, it won't matter whether the president has mammaries or a high melanin count. The only thing that will matter is what he or she plans to do with the power granted by the American voter.

I've just listed out for you the plans and promises of the candidates, which are identical. The campaign battle isn't about who'd govern best. It's about who can project the best image. Obama, who has The Audacity of Hope, wants to out-image Hillary, wife of the "man from Hope" (Arkansas). As Rush Limbaugh says, with Democrats it's always a matter of symbolism over substance. That makes sense; let's face it, if it were just up to the substance, nobody would vote for either of them!

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  1. So true!! They would both be "firsts" only in appearance but they would both do all they can to mess with our lives. If only people could see beyond the "politically correctness" of having a woman or black president! Is it due to the '70's generation or just the unenlightenment of youth?


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