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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hard Time for Republicans

What happened? The Reagan years were the zenith of cultural Conservatism. Fiscal Conservatism roared in during the 1990's. Republicans had the House and Senate, and then, in 2001, the presidency. What did we do with them? Nothing.

George W. Bush attempted to pacify the moot and powerless Democrats by giving them just enough power to become obstacles, a mistake Democrats did not imitate when they seized power in 2006. During the years of Republican control of the major centers of power in America, the only noteworthy achievements were two judges and a tax cut. These were years in which the entire Conservative agenda could have been legislated and enacted, and yet almost none of it was. One begins to wonder: why vote Republican at all?

I honor and cherish the history of the party. It is the party of Lincoln, after all. It freed the slaves, enacted laws after the civil war that made blacks politically powerful, pushed the Civil Rights and Voting Rights acts through Congress, and has placed African Americans in the highest positions of political power that anyone ever has in this country. For goodness sake, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Frederick Douglass were both proud Republicans! Communism was defeated by Republicans. For many years, the banner of social and fiscal Conservatism has been that of the Republican party. Somehow, somewhere, that has all changed.

I hear some crying that the Republican "brand" is dying. If so, it is because the product that brand represents is no longer the product consumers expect. If I buy a pair of Nikes and get the quality of Kmart Traxx, I'm not going to be happy. If I vote Republican and get free-for-all spending, global warming nonsense, amnesty for those who have invaded our country, and political correctness toward those who want us dead or converted to Islam, damn right I'm going to be upset about it!

Where is the right wing? Where have all the men gone? We are a nation led by invertebrates, too addicted to their own power to risk it for the good of the nation. Tough choices must be made. Men are capable of ignoring the shrill cries of their detractors when they know they are doing the right thing. If I must credit George W. Bush in one area, this is it. On the war on terror, at least, he's a shining exemplar of staunch manhood.

Nobody will elect Republican liberals when they can get name-brand Democrat ones. So what happens? Republicans stay home. Democrats are elected. The nation slides further and faster into the pit.

Do Conservatives need a new party? Do we need to abandon ship? Or can we, must we, retake the help, and deliver ourselves from the clammy-palmed pilots who now control our fates? I argue the latter. It's time for us to sweep out any and all who have been less than real Conservatives, and replace them with people who will do what's needed. The Republican party needs a clean house, not a makeover.

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