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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Obama's Non-Bounce

One would think that with all of the free media Barack Obama has been getting lately, his poll numbers would be up. Let's see... Nope. In fact, he's now behind John McCain in both of the major polls (Gallup and Zogby). Was it his vice presidential pick? Was it some gaffe he made verbally? Was it his wife's speech, or the continued political presence of Hillary?

I propose that it was Barack Obama himself.

The more we see of him, the more we know of his positions and beliefs, the more we dislike him. As the campaign rolls onward, we will inevitably become privy to his real motivations, core beliefs, and foundational principles. I predict that the more this happens, the less popular he will become.

America doesn't like Socialism. We can't stand it, as it runs contrary to one of our key personality traits, rugged individualism. Can you envision Daniel Boone or Davy Crockett complaining to the government over not having free medical coverage? Neither can I. Our heroes are not the wimps of the labor movement, but the self-made, real men of yesteryear. Obama fails the man test. Bush, for all of his shortcomings, is someone I can see on the frontier, surviving off the land. I can see Bush on a wagon train, charting out new territory. He's not one to whine about not having the government pay for this or that; he'd get it done himself, or live without. John McCain has this essential characteristic as well. I can see McCain using a hunting rifle to obtain food. Obama? I doubt he would know which end of the gun to rest against his shoulder.

We don't want a wuss for president. We don't want someone who worries about the price of arugula. Hell, we don't want even want someone who eats arugula on a regular enough basis to know what it is. We want a real man for president.

That's what it comes down to. However much I may disagree with McCain on certain issues, he's a man. I know he can and will stand firm on what's important. I can't say the same for Barack Obama. Neither can you; be honest. So now that we're getting to know him, we like him less and less. We see him for what he really is: a conniving little worm. We don't generally elect invertibrates to the presidency.

Sorry, Barry. I think the ride is over now.

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