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Monday, August 4, 2008

Why McCain's Veep Is So Important

John McCain has yet to announce a vice presidential pick. Granted, the Republican convention hasn't occurred yet, but we're all getting a bit paranoid over here on the grand Right Wing of the Republican Party.

Most of us are secretly hoping for a Mitt Romney nomination. We need someone smart and articulate in the White House. It's been, well, a long time. I'm not saying Bush is dumb, but he certainly isn't articulate. If your president can't effectively communicate the reasons for, say, going to war, you can't expect the nation to cooperate out of blind trust and patriotism. Sadly, those days are gone.

The main reason we need a strong veep is that John McCain is just so freakin' old. The man is set to be the oldest president ever elected. The odds of this vice president having to take the reins at some point are as high as they may ever be. Listening to a speech by John McCain already reminds me too much of visiting an old relative at the retirement home. He has that same tone and cadence, as if he's retelling tales of the Great Depression and how back then you could go to the movies for a nickel. We need some young blood in the mix, someone the press can identify with. When you're old in the news media, they retire your behind. That, or put you in the White House Press Corps so nobody will actually have to see your face. If they really feel sorry for you, they give you the Andy Rooney treatment, allowing you on once a week to babble incoherently as a sort of comic relief.

More than anything, MCain needs to reassure conservatives that he will represent us. Granted, we didn't nominate him; RINOs and disenfranchised Democrats did. Still, if he wants us out on voting day, he's going to have to give us a reason. His own personal stances on many of the issues of the day (Iraq notwithstanding) just don't cut it.

Are there any McCainiacs left out there?

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