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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Separation Anxiety

As you may or may not know, I'm not the world's biggest Barack Obama fan. I also don't believe in voting for someone based on color, either for or against. A very large part of me, however, wishes that Obama had been a conservative. We haven't had someone with Obama's raw leadership potential in the conservative movement for quite some time, perhaps even since Reagan. Mitt Romney was as close as we've come, and we failed to nominate him. Seeing McCain fumble through the debates, I realize now more than ever the gravity of the mistake we made.

Obama is a socialist. Socialism is just communism minus a totalitarian government. Marxism, on a larger scale, is the goal of Barack Obama. The problem is that Karl Marx never intended his philosophy to be applied at a national level. Why? It won't work. The closest application of true Marxism yet seen were the hippie communes of the Sixties. Those were at least functional, until the hippies in question grew tired of the experiment. Communism/socialism applied at the national level produces huge budget deficits and kills any latent economic ability in the people forced to live under it. Even China recognizes this, as it is now far less communistic than merely totalitarian. I'd liken China more to a very large corporation than a communist state.

Given all of this, I still swell with a certain sense of national pride at the fact that we are about to elect our first African-American president. It symbolizes so much in the way of racial progress. I'm glad to have lived long enough to see this day, whether or not Obama wins the presidency. It means that we are finally at the point where the content of a man's ideas and character count for more than his pigmentation. No one in the Republican party has brought up Obama's race; to do so would be anathema. Praise God for this day! It seems as though the dream of Dr. King has finally been realized.

We need, as conservatives, to be able to separate the joy and pride we feel for the non-issue that Obama's race has been in the minds of American voters from the fear and trepidation we feel about his political beliefs. We can be happy about the one and angry about the other. It is, in fact, this ability that makes us truly non-racists. We needn't vote for Obama to prove racial neutrality. We need only cast our vote based on the ideas and policies of the candidates. This is color blindness. And you know what? I think America is finally there.

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