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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why ACORN Matters

We have a huge problem right now in our democracy. You see, there are people voting here who are citizens of other countries. Yes, I know it comes as quite a shock, but non-citizens vote in almost every U.S. election. In places like California, Texas, and New Mexico, they make a significant portion of the voting populace. Why is this a problem? If you have to ask, you're an idiot.

United States elections ought to represent the citizenry of the United States. Otherwise, how can we guarantee that our politicians have the best interests of this country in mind? Non-citizens, legally here or not, have not assimilated into the political body. They represent the ideas and prejudices of other nations and cultures. Often, they feel more loyalty toward their home country than this one. Logic would therefore dictate that their voting decisions would reflect such loyalties.

I propose a change in the Constitution to address this problem. Simply, to register to vote, a citizen would have to present a valid birth certificate or naturalization document. At the time of voting, a valid photo I.D.with a current address would be required. Many, if not most, foreign nations do this already. Even Iraq, whose fledgling democracy is under constant criticism, still requires proof of citizenship from its voters. In this area we are lagging behind the rest of the democratic world.

I find it rather odd that there are foes of such a measure. The only possible reason for opposition, in my mind, is the intent to commit voter fraud. When ACORN registers nonexistent or illegal voters, the attempt to halt such activity is labeled "vote suppression." Huh? Did I miss something here? I suppose one could call it that, provided it was made clear that the votes being suppressed were all illegal.

If this democracy is to survive, we must make sure it is actually representing those it was intended to serve: the citizens of the United States of America.

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