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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

After Obamacare: What's Next?

I'm glad that conservatives are finally finding a spine. It's been a while, and it's interesting that this is a bottom-up revolution rather than a Republican Party movement. I daresay that there are at least as many independents in this fight as GOP members, and it's sad. It's sad that the party that ushered in the conservative movement in this country has to be shown the way by others.

Still, stopping Obama is not enough. Halting his march to communism will not suffice. Even lowering taxes after he leaves office will only delay the onward tide of totalitarian government. America will have to search deep within her soul and find a leader with the balls (or ovaries, I'm not sexist) to march us back away from the precipice.

This is a difficult prospect. It is widely assumed that the reduction or elimination of any entitlement program is political suicide. We need a leader, indeed a whole set of leaders, who value the well-being of the country to their own political survival. Do we have anyone fitting this mold? Mitt Romney seems a likely candidate. He did, after all, leave the race when he might still have gained victory, preferring to sacrifice his own ambitions for the sake of the GOP and the country. It must have pissed him off to have been the butt of McCain's dirty campaigning: the false ads in Florida, asking his people to vote for Huckabee to steal a win from Romney. I know it made me ballistic. Mitt, however, handled the situation as only a true statesman could have. I don't see anyone else on the horizon who could have or would have done that.

We need a Congress that is united behind an agenda and is willing to see it through, the press be damned. We will have to pursue an agenda that will be seen as backward and reactionary. Hell, it will be, because being forward-thinking was sending the country right down the crapper. Plus, we are reacting, reacting to decades and decades of an ill-conceived welfare system that rewards sloth, reacting to social policies that have left us with myriad sexual diseases and one-third of our children being born out of wedlock, reacting to government infringement in the free market that causes it to break down, which is then used as an excuse to abandon it. We have been too slow to react; that's our problem.

Ah, but what is to be the agenda? Let me list it out concisely and clearly:

1. Convert the welfare system into a job agency.
2. Eliminate the federal income tax, and repeal the Constitutional amendment making it legal.
3. Replace it with a fifteen percent national sales tax, which places our companies on an even tax base with foreign competitors.
4. Match tariffs with our trading partners, using our power as consumers to break down overseas trade barriers.
5. Add three conservative, strict-constructionist justices to the Supreme Court, bringing the total to twelve, the same number as a jury. If no majority can be reached, the case is thrown out and the prior decision stands.
6. Undo every stupid executive order signed by liberal presidents. If they could enact it by executive order, we can undo it the same way.
7. Build a wall (not a fence) on each border, starting with the southern one because that's where the problem is greatest.
8. When the illegals inevitably protest, back buses into the area, load them up, and deport the whole lot of them. Any citizens we accidentally deport may return, assuming they have proper documentation.
9. Declare a moratorium on any and all immigration except for when the unemployment rate is less than two percent.
10. Amend the Constitution so that only children of at least one citizen are granted automatic citizenship when born on American soil.

Now, I realize that some readers may think I'm being facetious here or using hyperbole, but I'm dead serious. These things must be done if we are to regain the ground that common sense has lost since the drug-addled hippies took over the reigns of power. It is not sufficient to slow the trip to Armageddon; we must begin to travel back. I pray that we find a leader with the selfless will to accomplish the task. He'll be ridiculed, reviled, and politically destroyed, but if he's in it for the right reasons, that won't matter. Saving America will.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eight Steps to a Sound Economy

Okay, the economy is officially going down the crapper. Everything we've tried, starting with the Bush bailout and extending into the Obama spending spree, has only made things worse. We've been spending all of our time and money on peripheral matters while ignoring the things that really make an economy work. To borrow a baseball analogy, we need to work on our essentials.

The following measures will, given time, heal the wounds our leaders have opened:

1. Tax imports at the same rate our trading partners tax our exports. Fair is fair, and considering the way most countries tax our goods, we'd see tons of revenue from the measure.

2. Allow companies to fail. That's what recessions are for in a capitalist system. Recessions are how the market weeds out weak companies and makes room for smaller, more efficient ones. Propping up failing companies is much akin to duct-taping dead limbs to a tree.

3. Replace the current welfare system with a federal job agency. You go in for a handout, you come out with ten job interview appointments.

4. Give people a tax credit of up to $10,000 toward the installation of solar panels on their homes. The caveat is that the panels must be American-made. This would go a long way toward solving the energy crisis, and would please both the environmentalists and the Republicans (any tax-break is a good tax-break).

5. Tie immigration to the unemployment rate.
When unemployment is lower than two percent, we allow immigration. When it's higher than that, we don't. Period. It is the height of foolishness to import workers when those we already have are out of work.

6. Erect a border wall and enforce immigration law. The primary argument against this measure is that agribusiness will not be able to hire because illegals are the only people who will do the work. My response to that dilemma is suggestion number three. Americans won't do farm labor if we'll pay them for doing nothing. Once we stop doing that, you'd be surprised what hungry people will do to feed themselves.

7. Open up our oil reserves for drilling and incentivize coal-to-oil production. We need to buy some time to discover better energy sources, and it would be foolish to tank the economy in a stubborn refusal to use the oil we have. Plus, these measures would allow us to be oil-independent, starving out our enemies, which is a bonus.

8. Replace income taxes with a national sales tax. Food, rent, and clothing (up to a $100 price limit) could be exempted, making this by far the most progressive option for taxation. It would also remove disincentives from investment in the stock market, as you would not be taxed on your capital gains. Also, a national sales tax would put American and foreign-owned companies on the same level. That is, it would erase any tax-benefit from leaving the country, keeping more jobs here at home.

None of these suggestions is particularly right-wing or left-wing. They're just pragmatic, common-sense ideas that would work. Next week, I'll propose my ideas to overhaul the health care system. I hope someone is listening; too often, blind partisanship takes the place of actual thought in our politics. The same old, failed ideas are simply regurgitated or inserted into new scenarios. It's sad, really. Whatever happened to Yankee ingenuity?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cheney Eats Obama Alive

I wish Dick Cheney had been president. Here's a guy who tells it like it is. He served in multiple administrations, was a heartbeat away from being president himself, and only now finds his voice? What a shame.

The press events were as different as can be. In one, a sitting president bloviates about the need to keep terrorists happy. In the other, an old sage speaks frankly and clearly about the harsh realities of what we have to do to keep our people safe. Cheney blew Obama out of the water. Heck, even Obama's teleprompter was speechless.

I loved it.

I realize that, to liberals, this outclassing of the current president will just be one more mean thing Cheney has done to add to his undeserved villainy. The mantra of "Shut up, already!" will doubtlessly be shouted more and louder. What makes me laugh is the idea that Republicans want Cheney out of the picture. Not so... I think we ought to send out a bunch of bumper stickers reading: "Go, Cheney, go!"

At the end of the day, Barack Obama is stuck in an untenable position. The consequences of his security failures will not be immediate, but they will likely occur within the time frame of his own administration. They will be too far into his tenure to blame on Bush, which means that history and the American people will have no one to blame but him. Oh, poor President Obama! You can't keep passing the buck forever.

Then again, as a street hustler- er, I mean, "community organizer"- isn't that what he specializes in? What is the real function of men such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Jeremiah Wright? Their game is Obama's game, and the main rule of the game is that you can blame anyone for your troubles but yourself, no matter how obvious it may be that you're the one at fault. This character flaw will be the undoing of Obama, mark my words.

The man is psychologically incapable of admitting, even if only to himself, that he has made mistakes. Thus, he is also incapable of learning from them. He truly suffers from a messianic complex. Ergo, none of his ideas can be flawed, at least in his own warped mind.

God help us.

Monday, January 26, 2009

An Open Letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama:

Recently, you said that you're willing to consider any idea that has a chance of improving the country and fixing the economy. Wonderful! I'm taking you at your word.
Let me list a few easy steps to take to fix this country. They are the only steps that would have a long-term shot at success. They're things we've long needed to do, but simply haven't gotten around to implementing.

The Economy:
1. Pass a Fair Trade Bill. This bill would set up a committee to determine the tariffs that our trading partners impose on our goods, and match them. We would impose no tariff on any country's goods unless it was one they imposed on us. Considering just the tariffs imposed by China and Japan, we could pay off the foreign-owned portion of the national debt within a month or two. Another year or two and we'd have the whole thing paid off. Every year the committee would submit a new report to Congress, and Congress would then have to vote to change the tariffs. (There would be no "let it lapse" clause.) As nations reduced their tariffs on our goods, we would do the same. This would level the playing field for our companies, who currently must fight against a raging tide of international protectionism. Some of our trading partners have warned against such an action; this would have a lot more weight if they were not already laying burdensome duties against our products. We would be fools not to reciprocate. Correction: We are fools for not having done so already. A comprehensive tariff policy would tariff the value of goods originating outside of the United States, regardless of whether the company in question was American or foreign. This would discourage outsourcing, and keep more jobs at home.

2. Enforce immigration laws. I used to work as a medical courier in a warehouse. I was paid eight dollars an hour with medical benefits. Most of my coworkers were Mexican immigrants, which was the norm for California. I thought nothing of this situation until, returning to work on a Monday, I noticed that half of the staff at work was gone. I asked my supervisor what happened, and she informed me that we had been raided by the INS, which had discovered that a large number of my coworkers did not have work visas. I was also informed that I would be receiving a raise of one dollar an hour because we'd have to hire legally from now on. This event taught me a valuable lesson about labor. Immigration really does affect salary. This should be obvious to anyone with even the most minimal education in economics. Labor is an asset. The more scarce an asset, the more people will pay for it. The reverse is also true. In times like these, when unemployment is so high, we can't afford to let foreigners steal jobs from hard-working Americans. Enforcing immigration laws would have a huge effect on the economy. It would raise wages, increase benefits, and reduce unemployment. It would help the poor more than the rich since the jobs most illegals take are of the low-end variety. We must ask ourselves to whom we owe the most loyalty: Ought we to be more loyal to our own citizens than to citizens of other nations? I say yes.

Foreign Policy:
1. Make the Border Patrol a military branch. The Border Patrol needs the authority to return fire, and the autonomy to do so without being thrown in jail. Ramos and Campeon are in jail for doing their job, after all. A drug dealer turns and fires at them while fleeing. They return fire, hitting him in the side of the buttocks, at an angle which would be demonstrably impossible had he not been turned toward them. Somehow, this drug dealer is given standing in our courts to sue for damages, and is awarded millions. We have a problem! The Border Patrol needs more authority. Why can we go into Pakistan looking for terrorists, but we can't go into Mexico when we know exactly where the criminals are? This is a ridiculous situation, and must be remedied. We should promote the Border Patrol to a branch of the military, making any attack on them an act of war. Then, we should use the next attack from a drug cartel in Mexico as justification to use our military, including units from any and all branches, to take them all out.

2. Build a wall. Congress has already approved the money for this project, so why isn't it done? In truth, an executive order would be all the approval necessary. After all, it would be a step toward making immigration laws enforceable, which falls within the domain of the executive branch. We need a real concrete wall, at least twelve feet high, running the length of the Mexican border. If we can put up hundreds of miles of such walls along our freeways just to block the noise of our cars, we can do the same on our borders. It can even be attractive, if designed properly. Private contractors could be hired, thus stimulating the economy. As someone from a border state, I have first-hand knowledge that this would be the only way to establish lasting control over immigration. Unless we can control who comes into our country and who does not, we have no sovereignty.

President Obama, please consider these ideas. We all know they would work, and that they'd be the only real way to fix the problems they address. Be man enough to ignore the screeching voices of the idiots among us and do the right thing! We need that kind of president now. Be that man.

Christian London Palmer

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Problem with Villification

I have a theory about politicians. It may sound a tad naive, but it keeps me sane in these days of rampant socialism and government overspending. My theory is that everyone who gets into the political arena does so for altruistic reasons. People may have different ideas of what that altruism may entail, but they all want to help make the world a better place.

If I'm right about this, it means that I've engaged in quite a bit of hyperbole as a blogger. After all, I use the odd bit of ad hominem now and again. I'm a traditionalist, so I see any attack of the Judeo-Christian moral code as an act of evil. Indeed, deviance from traditional ethics has done incredible damage to countless people, ruining and even taking many lives. Still, those who preach acceptance of amoral lifestyle choices don't do so to harm people. They truly think that doing as they plead will help, not harm, society. It just so happens that they're wrong. A 46% illegitimacy rate and a skyrocketing HIV infection rate make that perfectly clear to anyone with eyes to see.

I don't believe that Barack Obama is out to destroy America. He wants to help. I just disagree with his plans for doing so. I am really very curious about how much the intimate details a president receives about things like terrorism, the economy, and foreign relations will affect his policy positions. I notice he's already toning down some of his campaign promises. It's amazing how quickly reality bites politicians in the backside after an election is won. When I hear him speak, I can't help but believe that he's sincere. I hope he really is willing to consider all sides, even the conservative one. Who knows? Maybe he'll grow enough in office to become a true moderate. Maybe his daily briefings will convince him that socialism is not the answer to a depressed economy. I hope, for all our sakes, that we were wrong about him, myself and all of the other conservative voices in the crowd.

He's our president, for better or for worse. I always wish the best for America, no matter who's at the helm.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Beginning of the End

I really, really hate being right. Especially when I'm being a pessimist. I predicted an Obama victory, actually endorsing him as a surefire means of bringing the right wing right again. He won. Republicans are talking about things like fiscal discipline, the right to life, and are actually trying to stand in the way of liberal bills. So why am I so miserable?

Oh, wait. Maybe it's the trillion dollar spending plan he's pushing. Maybe it's the retards he's putting in high places, like Leon Panetta as CIA chief. Perhaps it's the fact that he's already equating the "president" of Hamas to the Israeli Prime Minister. Ah, yes, that's showing the terrorists! Fire missiles at Israel and you get a free chitchat with the U.S. president. Obama now declares that government is the only thing that will get us out of this recession. Didn't government get us here in the first place? Wasn't it the liberal loan policies pushed by Democrats onto the finance companies that caused them to give huge loans to people who couldn't afford them? Weren't two quasi-private corporations, formed by the government, behind the entire credit collapse? Aren't government-required fuel standards, the prohibition of drilling our own oil, and the failure to tariff our competitors the way they've been doing to us the real cause of the auto manufacturers' crisis?

Yes, President-elect Government has the solution: let the government control even more of the economy. Every dollar seized by government is one less dollar in the business cycle. I know! Let's take a trillion dollars out of the economy! That will fix everything!

Sigh... I know, I know. He hasn't even started yet, and I'm already ripping him apart. I feel like a liberal after Bush was elected. After all, it's not as if there isn't a precedent for this sort of behavior.

Maybe the only way to beat liberals is to use their tactics against them. Desperate times call for desperate measures.