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Friday, May 22, 2009

Cheney Eats Obama Alive

I wish Dick Cheney had been president. Here's a guy who tells it like it is. He served in multiple administrations, was a heartbeat away from being president himself, and only now finds his voice? What a shame.

The press events were as different as can be. In one, a sitting president bloviates about the need to keep terrorists happy. In the other, an old sage speaks frankly and clearly about the harsh realities of what we have to do to keep our people safe. Cheney blew Obama out of the water. Heck, even Obama's teleprompter was speechless.

I loved it.

I realize that, to liberals, this outclassing of the current president will just be one more mean thing Cheney has done to add to his undeserved villainy. The mantra of "Shut up, already!" will doubtlessly be shouted more and louder. What makes me laugh is the idea that Republicans want Cheney out of the picture. Not so... I think we ought to send out a bunch of bumper stickers reading: "Go, Cheney, go!"

At the end of the day, Barack Obama is stuck in an untenable position. The consequences of his security failures will not be immediate, but they will likely occur within the time frame of his own administration. They will be too far into his tenure to blame on Bush, which means that history and the American people will have no one to blame but him. Oh, poor President Obama! You can't keep passing the buck forever.

Then again, as a street hustler- er, I mean, "community organizer"- isn't that what he specializes in? What is the real function of men such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Jeremiah Wright? Their game is Obama's game, and the main rule of the game is that you can blame anyone for your troubles but yourself, no matter how obvious it may be that you're the one at fault. This character flaw will be the undoing of Obama, mark my words.

The man is psychologically incapable of admitting, even if only to himself, that he has made mistakes. Thus, he is also incapable of learning from them. He truly suffers from a messianic complex. Ergo, none of his ideas can be flawed, at least in his own warped mind.

God help us.

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