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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

After Obamacare: What's Next?

I'm glad that conservatives are finally finding a spine. It's been a while, and it's interesting that this is a bottom-up revolution rather than a Republican Party movement. I daresay that there are at least as many independents in this fight as GOP members, and it's sad. It's sad that the party that ushered in the conservative movement in this country has to be shown the way by others.

Still, stopping Obama is not enough. Halting his march to communism will not suffice. Even lowering taxes after he leaves office will only delay the onward tide of totalitarian government. America will have to search deep within her soul and find a leader with the balls (or ovaries, I'm not sexist) to march us back away from the precipice.

This is a difficult prospect. It is widely assumed that the reduction or elimination of any entitlement program is political suicide. We need a leader, indeed a whole set of leaders, who value the well-being of the country to their own political survival. Do we have anyone fitting this mold? Mitt Romney seems a likely candidate. He did, after all, leave the race when he might still have gained victory, preferring to sacrifice his own ambitions for the sake of the GOP and the country. It must have pissed him off to have been the butt of McCain's dirty campaigning: the false ads in Florida, asking his people to vote for Huckabee to steal a win from Romney. I know it made me ballistic. Mitt, however, handled the situation as only a true statesman could have. I don't see anyone else on the horizon who could have or would have done that.

We need a Congress that is united behind an agenda and is willing to see it through, the press be damned. We will have to pursue an agenda that will be seen as backward and reactionary. Hell, it will be, because being forward-thinking was sending the country right down the crapper. Plus, we are reacting, reacting to decades and decades of an ill-conceived welfare system that rewards sloth, reacting to social policies that have left us with myriad sexual diseases and one-third of our children being born out of wedlock, reacting to government infringement in the free market that causes it to break down, which is then used as an excuse to abandon it. We have been too slow to react; that's our problem.

Ah, but what is to be the agenda? Let me list it out concisely and clearly:

1. Convert the welfare system into a job agency.
2. Eliminate the federal income tax, and repeal the Constitutional amendment making it legal.
3. Replace it with a fifteen percent national sales tax, which places our companies on an even tax base with foreign competitors.
4. Match tariffs with our trading partners, using our power as consumers to break down overseas trade barriers.
5. Add three conservative, strict-constructionist justices to the Supreme Court, bringing the total to twelve, the same number as a jury. If no majority can be reached, the case is thrown out and the prior decision stands.
6. Undo every stupid executive order signed by liberal presidents. If they could enact it by executive order, we can undo it the same way.
7. Build a wall (not a fence) on each border, starting with the southern one because that's where the problem is greatest.
8. When the illegals inevitably protest, back buses into the area, load them up, and deport the whole lot of them. Any citizens we accidentally deport may return, assuming they have proper documentation.
9. Declare a moratorium on any and all immigration except for when the unemployment rate is less than two percent.
10. Amend the Constitution so that only children of at least one citizen are granted automatic citizenship when born on American soil.

Now, I realize that some readers may think I'm being facetious here or using hyperbole, but I'm dead serious. These things must be done if we are to regain the ground that common sense has lost since the drug-addled hippies took over the reigns of power. It is not sufficient to slow the trip to Armageddon; we must begin to travel back. I pray that we find a leader with the selfless will to accomplish the task. He'll be ridiculed, reviled, and politically destroyed, but if he's in it for the right reasons, that won't matter. Saving America will.

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