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Monday, February 1, 2010

Obama Doubles Down

There is a Bible analogy that is quite fitting to Obama's reaction to recent Republican victories. After the death of Solomon, as his son was inheriting the throne, the tribes of Israel sent messengers to him requesting lower taxes. "Your father taxed us heavily," they complained. "Please say you'll be easier on us. We can't take any more!"

The new king first asked his father's advisers what he should do. They said, "Lower their taxes. They have a point, really, and it will endear you to the people."

Then he asked his young buddies what he ought to do. "Raise taxes. Show the people who's boss. How dare they tell you, the king, how to run Israel?"

The fledgling king followed his friends' advice. "If you thought my father was hard, you'll find me twice as hard! I'll double your taxes! I'll demand more labor from you and your sons!"

The new king had a very short reign.

Obama is much like this king of Israel. When times are tough, instead of hearkening to the voice and will of the people, he doubles down on the tribute he demands from us. There are only a scant few of us who pay any taxes, really. We have roughly half of the nation on our backs. We're paying all we can afford, and many of us are finding that our resources, accrued through much frugality and sacrifice, are dwindling. Our new king (or so he fancies himself) is asking for even that. So, we send him representatives from our various states in an attempt to let him know our concerns. He turns a deaf ear, opting instead to go even further down the road to ruin, dragging us along for the ride.

He will find that we, much akin to ancient Israel, aren't as helpless a set of subjects as he thinks. When the dust settles and he sees the changed landscape come November, he ought to count himself lucky. Most revolutions result in the death of the monarch. Obama will only be dead politically.

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