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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Please enter the race Sarah Palin!

This posting might seem a bit tongue-in-cheek, and perhaps it is. However, my desire that Sarah Palin enter the Republican nomination process is a sincere one, just not for the obvious reason. It's not that I don't like Sarah Palin. She's a solid and plainspoken conservative, and as such she has my support. However, that's not why I want her to run.

I think the country needs Mitt Romney right now. He saw the root idea of Obamacare fail in his own state, and thus understands how and why it's a bad idea. This is why he has pledged to repeal Obamacare as soon as possible after assuming office. He's a businessman who specializes in buying failing corporations and making them profitable. People criticize him for having laid off workers in some of the companies he bought, but I see that as an asset. If he's going to reduce the size of government, he's going to have to fire people. As a business owner, he knows the effects of confiscatory taxes and regulations. Sure, he's stated that he believes in global warming. However, he's never once said anything remotely similar to the idea that global warming can be reduced by government interference in the business cycle. These are two separate and distinct positions. Myself, I'm not convinced either way, but I don't have a problem investing in solar power plants along the Sun Belt, for example, though I think that kind of thing should wait until the economy recovers and the budget is balanced. A tax break for up to $10,000 of the cost of a rooftop solar array (provided it was manufactured 100% in the U.S.) sounds like a great idea to me. You don't have to tax and spend to help the environment. Using market incentives is much more effective. Again, this is the type of thing a man like Romney would understand.

However, Romney faces a few obstacles. He isn't 100% Tea Party material. He did support Cut, Cap and Balance, which is great. He's pro-life, although a convert to that position. He would protect the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman; Mormons did, after all, put a lot of time and effort into California's Proposition 8. He supports a strong military and education reform. In short, he's a solid conservative. However, he's very presidential, meaning that he is calm and rational.

Palin would divide the Tea Party vote, siphoning votes from Perry. That's why I want her in. Romney needs Palin to enter the race right now. I love ya, Sarah, but I need you to run interference this play.

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