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Friday, November 11, 2011

If You Give a Lib a Freebie...

I thought I'd have a little fun with this one. I was just running some of this through my head on the way home from work, and I decided it might be worth writing down. I don't think I'm infringing any intellectual property considering that satire is Constitutionally protected speech.

If you give a lib a freebie,
she'll eat it up really fast.
Then, she'll ask for another
because she's out.
If you give her another freebie,
she'll expect a constant flow.
She'll feel entitled to them
and think you owe them to her.
If the freebies make her sick
because she eats up so many of them,
she'll ask for free health care.
After all, you're the one
who gave her all those freebies
that made her sick.
If you give her free health care,
she will complain that it's not very good.
She will want more and more coverage
until her free care is better
than what you can afford for yourself.
If her health care bankrupts you
and you can't afford more freebies
she will camp out in your yard.
She will expect you to feed her
and pay for the illnesses she gets
for being out in the cold.
Once you have some money
and you're getting back on your feet,
she will be upset that you can support yourself
and will be angry you haven't given her a job.
If you offer her a job,
she will say it's not good enough.
Then she will want another freebie.

Let me know what you think; it's a work in progress. I like the moral of the story.

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