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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why Hannity Gets It And Rush Doesn't

Lately, Rush Limbaugh has been falling into the trap he himself has criticized ad nauseum over every election cycle since I began listening at the age of eighteen. Rush has always criticized the Republican nominees for engaging in a "circular firing squad." Yet, he has been relentlessly critical of Romney (for no discernible policy reason) to the point of now supplying sound bites for liberals to use in hit pieces.

I'm having a difficult time comprehending why this is. I understand that Rush is fond of Gingrich,
whom he probably (and perhaps correctly) credits for keeping spending down during the 1990s. However, Gingrich is well known to be a major flip-flopper. Following Gingrich's policy positions over any given period longer than three years is like engaging in a wild goose chase. He also has the habit of taking mainstream science and making it sound like science fiction when using it as the basis for policy proposals. (We need a moon base. I can hear "Rocketman" being played in the background of a Democrat ad somewhere.)

Sean Hannity, however, gets it. He won't endorse a candidate for the simple reason that he doesn't want to destroy the illusion of a united front once a nominee has been selected. Rush seems to have forgotten that point. I don't know from whence comes Rush's distaste for Romney, especially since he recently stated that he had heard Romney say in a private forum that he intends to be a one term president because of the sharp reversal of course he will take from the direction Obama has been taking the country. Rush seemed to believe he was sincere, which, if true, would qualify Romney as a solid and serious conservative. Except for fiscal policy (and even then with some notable exceptions), I just can't fit that label to Newt Gingrich.

Romney has flipped--from moderate to solidly conservative--but he has never flopped. Gingrich is all over the place. Rush knows this, but is choosing to ignore it. Hannity refrains from engaging in overt criticism of any of the candidates, and allows them to voice their opinions in their own words on his show. Lately, I am extremely frustrated with Rush. His was the voice that first interested me in politics, and the voice that inspired my embrace of conservatism. However, that voice is beginning to grate on my nerves.

Rush is actively arming the Left for the war ahead. I'm sure if Mitt Romney becomes the eventual nominee he will reverse course and become Romney's most fervent defender. However, the damage will be done. The liberals have the sound bites. Rush could learn a thing or two from his former fill-in host.

There is another aspect of all of this Rush is forgetting, and it is something he has repeated quite often over the years. During the Republican primaries, the "drive-by" (left-wing) media concentrate their fire on the candidate they see as most dangerous in the general election. That fire has been leveled at Romney for quite some time. The leftists don't fear Gingrich. I'm quite sure they have a plan of attack ready for Newt that they are sure will be effective. Were they so sure of success against Romney, they would be easier on him and harder on Gingrich. It's simple logic, something I learned straight from Rush's Golden EIB Microphone, and something he seems to have forgotten this go-round.

Me, I'm glad that primary voters have, thus far, tended to be independent thinkers who vote based on the policies they know a candidate favors and the character of the man for whom they vote. This favors Mitt Romney, and as anyone who has read this blog before (all four of you) know, I've long been a Mitt supporter. He's the first Mormon candidate for whom I have voted in a presidential contest. I would not vote for Huntsman, and I voted for Keyes instead of Hatch back in 1996. Romney is a different animal. He has the expertise to fix this country and its economy. Even those who the Left would paint as blindly anti-Mormon (Evangelicals, Baptists, etc.) understand this and are voting accordingly. I'm hoping that Florida and (most probably) Nevada will make that obvious to all observers.

As for Rush, I don't know what he's thinking lately. He isn't following his own maxims very consistently, that's for sure. Unless he's pulling another "I endorse Clinton" gag and nobody has gotten it yet, I'm worried about the guy. He's an idol of mine. I'd hate to see a cognitive decline in such a great voice for conservatism.

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  1. It seems voters are starting to be swayed by the negativity in the media. That's sad to see. I like Santorum, but he's not the man we need right now.


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