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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Adding Hillary -- Just how obvious can pandering get?

There is a lot of noise being made about whether President Obama should dump Vice President Biden and add Hillary to the ticket. It would be an unprecedented move. Just the fact that it is up for discussion reveals the desperation of the Democrat camp right now. However, I doubt it would be good for Obama. Here's why:

1. It makes Obama look desperate. It would be the same sort of move that adding Sarah Palin was for McCain. I'm not criticizing Sarah Palin, God bless her, but let's face it, adding a pretty and inexperienced female to the ticket was a move designed for aesthetic purposes. She was young and energetic; McCain was old and tired. She overshadowed her running mate and may have lost him the election.

2. The Clinton name comes with heavy negatives. While hardcore liberals would be practically orgasmic over an Obama-Clinton ticket, the rest of America would groan. Nobody thinks of the Clinton name without images of a stained dress creeping into their heads. Plus, the possibility of Bill causing yet another scandal by lewd behavior while living in the White House is too great. The last thing President Obama needs is for his presidency to be marred by something the Vice President's husband did with someone on the White House custodial staff.

3. Hillary is not the manse type. A Vice President has to bow to the views and policies endorsed by the President. It's clear from listening to Bill on the campaign trail that he and Hillary disagree with much of Obama's message. Biden made a slip about gay marriage. Hillary could possibly let it slip that she disagrees with the efficacy of confiscatory taxes. The potential to be contradicted by a bold New Democrat is huge.

4. Hillary would likely decline the invitation. She intends to run in 2016, I am quite sure. She does not want to share a ticket with a man who will likely lose the election, nor does she want to associate her name with someone whose policies have been so disastrous for the nation. That would be political suicide, and the Clintons are well known for their political savvy. It's a move Hillary is just too astute to make. The rumor would emerge that Hillary had declined (if two or more people know something, it's not a secret for long), and it would make Obama look like an even bigger loser.

I do not think President Obama will ask Hillary Clinton to be his running mate. I don't think even he would be that foolhardy. Even if he himself isn't astute enough to realize that it would be a mistake, I'm sure someone on his staff would warn him. If he asks her and she accepts I will be amazed. I would love to see the debates. Romney would eat Obama alive on the economy, and an articulate Republican running mate would do the same to Hillary. At the very least it would lead to her contradicting Obama, which would be a huge problem for the Democrats. While I'd love to see Obama shoot himself in the foot, I doubt it will happen.

Dang it!

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