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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Liberal feints and how Romney should respond

I can predict several liberal attacks Romney will have to face in the upcoming election. He has already faced one--the Clinton ad regarding Osama. This one's a no-brainer, folks, and frankly the rest will be easily deflected if Mitt follows the following guidelines.

1. Cliton's Osama ad: The comeback should be, "Isn't it ironic that this attack is being voiced by a man who had Osama gift-wrapped and wouldn't even take him? Had Clinton just accepted the offer from Sudan [see link here], 9-11 would never have happened. To have him questioning my resolve is as ludicrous as it is insulting."

2. The dog "issue": The comeback should be, "From a man who defended allowing newborn babies who survived abortion being left to die alone in a cold room, criticizing my dog's car trip seems a bit trivial."

3. Adoption counseling: (To see how the media is prepping for this line of attack, see link here.) The best response would be, "I find it strange that people who are fine with young women destroying their children in the womb would find fault with counseling a prospective mother to consider the option of adoption. I suppose they would rather see a baby aborted than sent to a loving and mature couple who would raise her as their own." Note that using the pronoun "her" personalizes the child.

4. Romney's faith: Romney should respond, "I think President Obama might want to avoid the whole issue of which churches we both have attended. My church loves America and believes that the Constitution was inspired by God, which is why I will always strive to defend it. I prefer to dwell on the redeeming qualities of our great nation, rather than on her sins. These are values I have learned from my faith, and I'm grateful for them."

5. Romneycare: He should respond, "The great thing about leaving health care policy to the states is that they can experiment and innovate. It's much easier to change a policy that isn't working at the state level. A federal health care policy would become an entitlement, making it much more difficult to eliminate. We know President Obama wants a single-payer system; he's made that statement numerous times in the past. I don't want that for America. Looking back, I should have realized that my plan could be distorted by future administrations, turned into an entitlement. I've learned from the experience. We can't afford to emulate Europe. Neither can Europe, as we are learning, continue its entitlements and remain solvent. A free-market solution would be the best way to improve health care, and I plan to make several changes to allow that to happen." (For Obama's real opinion on health care, click here.)

I'm sure more feints will come up, but they will be easy to counter. Obama can't run on his record, so he will have to go ad hominem. Name calling is all he can do. Such tactics are easy to overcome. I hope someone brings this article to Romney's attention; I'd hate to see him allowing Obama's people to set the agenda. A quick, decisive retort is the best way to deal with this kind of thing.

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