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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mayday rallies fizzle out--nobody occupies Occupy anymore

The news media treated the "Mayday" demonstrations as the resurgence of a major political movement. In reality, it was an excuse for a few hippies and hippie-wannabes to imitate the good old days of smoking dope in public and destroying private property. The numbers were pathetic, which is encouraging from a conservative point of view. When you can't get more than a couple of hundred extreme liberals together in New York City for a cause, the cause is dead.

Here in lovely Fort Wayne, Indiana we had a small Occupy camp out in one of the public parks a while ago. It was largely an excuse for the homeless to squat somewhere on the pretense of exercising their First Amendment rights. There were perhaps a total of five tents set up downtown (maybe a few more the first few days of the protest). Nobody paid much attention except for a local businessman who co-opted the movement as part of his job search efforts. He ran a billboard ad that read, "Occupy a job!" After that phrase, of course, he listed the details of how to apply. He even set up a dome tent under the sign to make his point perfectly clear. The ad apparently worked, as he had quite a few applicants.

As for the original, real protesters, they largely consisted of unemployed college graduates frustrated by the lousy job market. Somehow they blame conservatives (who resisted corporate bailouts) and ally themselves with Obama, who called them "stimulus plans" and insisted they'd revive the economy. Corporations got more from the coffers of government under Obama and a Democrat-controlled Congress than they would have from any Republican regime, but somehow get a free pass on the issue. However, this is typical for how liberals feel about President Obama. His rhetoric rarely matches his actions, and he is never called out on it. He can bail out G.E. and buy G.M., but he will somehow always be portrayed as the hero of the ninety-nine percent.

This is all a sad testament to the state of economic education in our country. If these kids want jobs, they want corporations to make money. Unprofitable corporations fire people, while profitable ones hire. It's simple logic, a logic which has been replaced in colleges by naked Marxism. While we conservatives do not believe it is government's job to interfere with the mechanisms of capitalism, we aren't repulsed by the idea that those who work hard and play it smart will profit by what they do. We want more of that. We want, as Rush Limbaugh likes to say, the pie to get bigger so everyone can have a bigger slice no matter how it is divided. Liberals don't get this, at least the young whiny ones, which is why many of them are unemployed. The connection between effort, perseverance and success is lost on them.

What will taxing corporations to give their wealth away accomplish? More people will be receiving handouts rather than a hand up. That's what the Marxists really want--government dependency. Achieve that and the docile sheeple will follow you anywhere.

As a random aside, why is it that every time I see an Obama bumper sticker I have this instant craving for a Pepsi?




Is Obama trying to appeal to the New Generation?

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