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Friday, May 11, 2012

Obama campaigns for Romney

If you haven't been living under a rock for the last week, you know that Obama has finally come out of the closet as being in favor of "gay marriage." Let's put aside for the moment the fact that "gay marriage" is a contradiction in terms. What President Obama and his people are doing is exactly what Romney needs them to do. They are widening the perceptual gap between themselves and Romney.

Mitt Romney suffers from having proposed a health care plan for Massachusetts that bears a vague resemblance to Obama's. Massachusetts' state plan used federal funds (which were coming whether the state asked or not) to defray the cost of private health insurance rather than sending it to hospitals as a supplement for those who couldn't pay. Essentially, the same money was being used for the same purpose, only more efficiently. The private sector was the solution in this plan, not the problem. In Romney's proposal, nobody received free health insurance. A government option did not exist. Those who could afford health insurance but chose not to purchase any would lose the tax exemption associated with having purchased health care. In concept it was the equivalent of a mortgage exception--you aren't being penalized for not having a mortgage, but rewarded for making the investment. He even vetoed all of the clauses in the insurance bill that would make it remotely comparable to Obamacare. For example, he vetoed a clause that would require employers of eleven or more people to provide insurance or pay a fee and another that provided coverage for immigrants who would be ineligible under Medicaid. Unfortunately, all of Romney's eight vetoes were overridden by the Massachusetts legislature. For this reason, Romney's opponents often apply the term Romneycare to parts of the law that he did not propose and, in fact, vetoed. This is either disingenuous or starkly ignorant.

This is really the only similarity between Romney and Obama and is demonstrably a false canard. Romney's challenge is to demonstrate that there is a vast difference between himself and Obama on social, fiscal, and foreign policy. Thankfully, President Obama seems more than willing to oblige. Having eliminated Don't Ask, Don't Tell and come out for "gay marriage," Obama is revealing his true colors (red) on social issues just as he already has on economics.

Thanks you, President Obama. If you lose this fall, perhaps the Republicans can use you as a campaign adviser. You've certainly done a lot for their P.R. thus far.

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