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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Election 2012 and the Stupid Effect

It's been quite a while since my last post, and with things looking up for Romney I feel like gloating a bit. However, I'm sure it would be unbecoming of me and thus will refrain. With Mitt up in the polls according to Gallup (and, heck, even in Yahoo!'s poll when I voted), it's really hard. Still, it ain't over 'till the fat lady sings, and Rosie O'Donnell has been awful quiet lately.

You know it looks bad when your California liberal Democrat family members don't like Obama. Even some I know who have expressed to me an anti-Mormon bias are voting for Romney, which goes to show that, yes, we still enjoy freedom of religion here in the United States. I'm glad to see that the Atheist liberal mafia have once again underestimated the intelligence of the Evangelical Christian community. They may disagree with Romney on whether or not Joseph Smith was a prophet, but they are smart enough to realize that Obama represents the only real threat to their Christian liberty this election.

I am a bit discouraged at the fact that even the blatantly stupid are allowed to vote in this country. To whit, there is a Twitter rumor circulating that Mitt Romney plans to ban hair weaves once in office. Thousands have voiced outrage at this dastardly plot to limit Americans' hairstyle choices. Wow, there are a lot of stupid people out there.

Just to be clear, there are idiots on both sides of the aisle. There are conservatives who staunchly insist that Barack Obama is a closet Muslim. To make this assumption, they have to ignore the fact that he holds beer summits (Muslims don't drink), supports gay marriage, and has a wife who yells at him. (Okay, that last one was an assumption, but just looking at Michelle makes me think she can get pretty cross.)

I've been told by several middle school students that they've heard Romney only cares about rich white people. As a teacher, I have to say nothing, but sometimes I ask, "Oh, really? Where did the person who told you this come by that information?" Sadly, all I get is a blank stare; the idea that one has to justify his assertions is beyond most people, especially middle school students. Worse yet, I'm fairly certain they got this information at home from people no more factually discerning than themselves.

This period in an election is where the circus antics come out. The zombies who rise on Halloween will stay around to vote Democrat a week later. (Dead people always vote Democrat for some reason.) Expect non-citizens and even illegal immigrants to flood the polls in key states. Expect any and every attempt to keep things honest to be decried as racism by the liberals in the media. Expect a Romney win to be denounced as evidence that America is still racist.

You know, if you go through life with rose-colored lenses, you'll tend to see a lot of roses. The same principle applies to those who see racism everywhere they look.

I expect Romney to win by a larger margin than anyone predicted. The polls will start to come around soon, owing to the fact that if they keep fudging the numbers their undeserved credibility will evaporate once the election makes it obvious to everyone that they were trying to shape public opinion rather than report it.

I have high hopes this November. I think business will begin to rebound once corporations have been assured that they will not be punished for prospering. The dependency class will have to go get jobs, but once they obtain the sense of dignity that comes from earning their way in life, they may well switch political allegiances. After all, if the Republican constituency is the well-off, it logically follows that they would want to have as high a percentage of well-off voters as possible. Thus, their policies would be designed to achieve that goal. A corollary to this argument is that Democrats, who stand for the poor, benefit most politically from maximizing poverty and government dependency. If one makes the cynical-yet-accurate observation that politicians do whatever they can to keep themselves in power, it stands to reason that the poor should be voting en masse for Republicans if they want to better their circumstances.

Well, it's only a couple of short weeks until election day. Don't screw this up, America!



  1. I hope and pray that people will realize that Obama and Obama care spells complete disaster for all of us. I hope Romney wins by a landslide!!

    1. The morons have become a majority. I guess the pessimist in me was right all along.


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