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Friday, January 25, 2013

Surviving Obama: Why We Need a New Newt

America has to make a tough stand for four years. We need a Newt Gingrich to lead our forces in Congress, someone who will make the tough choices without wimping out. Newt was able to do what so few of our politicians have been--he was able to ignore the hype and hysteria. George W. Bush was able to do this as well to a certain extent, though he was less of a uniform conservative. Still, I seriously doubt that John Boehner has the same cajones Newt did.

Sure, Boehner has made some encouraging signs. He's almost stood his ground on raising the debt ceiling. He's said that future raising of the ceiling, a few months from now, will require budget cuts. He's passed into law the idea that Senators will not be paid unless a real (?) budget is passed. All of this reminds me a bit of Sir Robin the Brave from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I wonder if he personally wet himself at the Battle of Baden Hill.

Democrats' worst fear is that Republicans may one day grow a collective spine. If Republicans stand up to Obama the way Hillary Clinton stood up to Congress, America might be saved. All we need are four years of testicular fortitude. Can we make it? Can the pols in Washington tune out the nightly news? Are they capable of blocking CNN and MSNBC on their cable boxes? Will they go on strike against NPR by simply not listening? (Actually, if politicians didn't tune in, who would be left in the audience?)

Congress, read the New York Post and the Washington Times. You may have gotten the wrong set of Times and Post; it's an easy mistake, and one easily rectified. The smartest thing Bush ever did was to avoid the liberal news networks. They can't Palin you if you don't go on their programs. As their market share continues to diminish, their power will fade along with it. They're a bit like vampires that way; they can't hurt you if you don't let them in.

Let's hope for some serious Congressional obstructionism. Otherwise, welcome to the brand new USSA!

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