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Thursday, February 7, 2013

I shoot skeets all the time! They're delicious!

Super Action Obama!!! Shoots skeet! Spends money!

Actually, the above photo's aim is quite a bit more realistic than the PR photo put out by the White House. At least the doll is shooting upwards, the logical position for shooting at a clay pigeon. The president's aim looks more like he's shooting at a target on a rifle range. Behold:

Unless the president is shooting off a hilltop, his aim is absolutely terrible. Either that, or he's firing as he tracks downward, which is quite dangerous as the shot travels a decent distance when fired horizontally. Then again, he is related to Dick Cheney, who shot a buddy straight in the face while bird hunting. Maybe he gets his aim from that side of the family. However, since birds generally fly upwards out of a bush, Cheney's shot makes more sense.

I'm not suggesting that this photo is altered in any way. I'm saying that it serves as evidence that the president is definitely not a regular shooter. Moreover, the argument that the president is pro-2nd Amendment because he occasionally fires a gun is ridiculous on its face. The 2nd Amendment was not added to protect our right to shoot clay pigeons, or even real ones. It was added by men who had just overthrown one abusive and corrupt government and anticipated that such might need to occur in the future at some point. The 2nd Amendment grants the People power to guarantee themselves the rest of their rights. Anyone who has read The Federalist knows better than to believe that the Framers simply intended to preserve the right to bag the occasional deer.

I wonder how many times President Obama washed his hands to get the feel of "evil gun" off them?

Now, if the White House PR machine can nab a photo of the president skeet surfing, I'll really be impressed!