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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Islamists Again... Sigh!

I have to admit that I, like the vast majority of Americans, assumed that the Boston bombings were done by Muslim extremists. I wanted to be wrong. I really, really hoped to be mistaken. And, like most Americans, I heard an internal "told ya' so" when the facts came out.

Now, I didn't care what the perps looked like. I always feel bad for immigrants, especially the Sikhs, whenever it's a guy in a robe and turban. I was in Yuba City, California when 9/11 hit and it was shameful the way a few of the redder-necked individuals harassed the Sikhs, a group of people who often dress in long shirts and turbans and speak a language related to Urdu (which is spoken in Afghanistan). However, they are non-Muslims and generally quite peaceful--I've never heard of a Sikh terrorist of any sort.

I also have a number of Muslim students, most of whom look, act, and think like mainstream American teenagers. They often show, in very subtle ways, self-consciousness and shame whenever an attack occurs, sinking in their seats and acting quiet and subdued. I know how they feel; I get the same way whenever anyone mentions Warren Jeffs, who isn't even a member of my church but whom everyone refers to as a Mormon nonetheless.

We all know what needs to be done. We need to have a moratorium on immigration, even student visas, from areas in which radical Islam is preached. We need not apply a specific label to it; we can refer to it as "theologically-inspired anti-Americanism." This list of nations would include Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, the Palestinian Authority (within Israel), and now certain provinces of Russia. It's a matter of national security, and our Constitutional protections only apply to citizens. We can use common sense when it comes to immigration; there is no binding legal impediment.

I know that this idea will upset many. I know that it is wrong to stereotype any group, but it would be idiotic and contrary to the national interest to refrain from making intelligent policy decisions based on statistical realities.

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