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Monday, October 7, 2013

1 - 800 - F*** - YOU, America!

When I saw the Facebook post about Obamacare's 1-800 number, I thought to myself, "This must be a joke. It's too good to be true!"

So I dialed the number. However, I read the number wrong on the Facebook post and dialed out the complete phrase: 1-800-F***-YOU. To my surprise, I got through. It was an Obamacare hotline to connect you to the state agency responsible for exchanges. I decided to go through the phone menu to see if it was legit or just a prank.

I kept pressing the indicated buttons, and I kept getting further in the automated voice menu. I was soon instructed, "Para hablar en espaƱol, marque el uno." I was directed to press or say a number in order to get to the right option. I was instructed to say the name of my state to get to the correct agency. I was then presented with the option of speaking to a live representative. I'd heard enough. 1-800-F***-YOU will get you to the Obamacare exchanges hotline.

Can this be a coincidence? I doubt it. Either someone at the phone company is one hell of a social commentator, or someone in the Obama camp was trying to slip his true feelings in under the radar. Either way, to expect that nobody would discover something so outright hilarious, especially in the modern, online world, was unreasonable. It must have been a practical joker at the phone company.

This is resonating all over the Internet for obvious reasons. Considering that a majority of Americans opposes the law and even Democrats have stated it is a train wreck waiting to happen, people get it. The bill was passed by a narrow partisan vote using parliamentary process tricks to avoid even having a debate about it. We were told that Congress would have to pass it in order to see what was in it.

That's a lot like being asked to sign a contract before you can read it.

I was giddy when I got the news about the phone number. I had a grin about a mile wide. I'm smiling as I write this even now. Despite all the crap going on in Washington DC, at least there is some good news to report. Thank you, phone company guy! You made America's day!

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