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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Boko Haram Obama

Okay, I realize that the title of this piece may be a tad inflammatory, unless you're a Low Information Voter, in which case you're scratching your armpits and wondering how you found this website when you were searching for cat videos.

For those of you who pay attention to world events, the people of Nigeria are quite upset at an Islamofascist terrorist group by the name of Boko Haram. This group kidnapped over 250 girls from the Chibok school, forcing some to marry their captors. Many of the girls are ill and suffering from other forms of abuse. A worldwide Twitter campaign has tried to draw attention to the situation, but nothing tangible and effective has been done. (You can Twitter in one hand and crap in the other and see which gets full first.)

We face a similar situation in this country, but from the reverse perspective. We have engaged in policy-making that resulted in busload after busload of unaccompanied children streaming into our country. Our government ought to be making efforts to reunify these children with their families in their native lands. Instead, they are being relocated across the country with strangers.

It is not mercy to steal a generation of children from impoverished nations. Yes, many of the countries from which these children come are terrible places to live. Many are nations in which there is an ever-present danger of violence. As many have commented before me, we have such areas in our own country. There are neighborhoods in Chicago with the same dangers.

The parents of these children are lacking the same commitment and attachment to their offspring that the parents in Nigeria have. To send a child off all alone with known criminals is a crime of the deepest neglect. Every American feels instant empathy for these children, but to keep them here is abduction. The president, in approving the dispersal across the country of these children, is making the statement that he intends the separation to be permanent.

While this may seem to the less family-oriented out there as the right thing to do, we must always judge an idea or policy by the results it gets and not by the intentions of those who came up with it. That's called living in reality, something liberals don't do very often. So, what is the reality of our policy towards these children?

Children are living in cramped quarters, housed in close proximity to children sent because of disease and contagious illness. Can anyone honestly say that this is a better life than the one they left behind?

I recommend a few simple policy changes to help these (and future) children while simultaneously stemming the tide of illegal immigration into the country. Here is my plan:

1. The children who have already arrived will be treated, fed, and sent home with new shoes and clean clothing.

2. The immigration loophole the parents are abusing will be closed.

3. The U.S. Border Patrol will be granted the status it deserves as a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. After all, its function closely parallels that of the Coast Guard.

4. A twenty-foot wall will be built along the border in every area in which it is geologically feasible. I'm tired of people saying this can't be done; we've got thousands of miles of this along our freeways just so people can sleep without hearing traffic noise. A stronger wall using a similar construction style could be built within a few months if multiple contracts were awarded at intervals along the border.

5. Congress will pass a law clarifying the Constitution to make it clear that only children of citizens acquire automatic citizenship by birth. This law will contain a clause exempting it from the jurisdiction of any of the federal courts, including the Supreme Court. (Congress has the authority to define the limits of the federal courts' jurisdiction.)

6. An law will be passed stating that only spouses and minor children of U.S. citizens will be granted immigration preferences. Siblings, parents, adult children, and extended family will no longer receive exceptions.

7. A law will be passed mandating every employer to use the E-Verify system to ensure that they are hiring workers legally. This will remove much of the incentive for illegal entry into the U.S.

8. Economic advisors will be sent to these children's home countries to guide them with regard to economic policy. These advisors will be chosen from the business schools of U.S. universities.

Will this be kindness? Yes, if we take the long view of things. Too often we seek only immediate relief and forget that leaving the illness untreated is worse than momentary pain. For too long our nation's borders have served as a pressure-release valve for the corrupt and despotic, a way to rid themselves of those who would otherwise seek reform. We are doing the people of these nations no favor by obliging.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Hitler-Hamas Connection

The Palestinians launch terror attacks on Israel. Israel retaliates. Terrorists hide behind their women and children. A few women and children die in the retaliation. The world condemns Israel. World leaders urge both sides to “come to terms,” which involves Israel giving up land for peace. Land is given. Peace lasts a few months to a year. Palestinians commit acts of terror and hide behind their women and children. Rinse and repeat.

Is everyone in the community of nations brain-dead? Now we see Vladimir Putin using the same tactics to seize the Crimean region and, if he gets his way, Ukraine. Yet Putin is being condemned. One has to wonder why. After all, he is funding separatists, just as Iran funds Hamas within Israel, for ostensibly the same reason--to supplant the nation in which they reside and seize power. Why are the Russian separatists seen as bad guys, and the Palestinians portrayed as the good guys?

 Let’s indulge in a brief history lesson. Muhammad Amin al-Husayni, the Grand Mufti (religious authority) in Palestine in the early Twentieth Century, was a zealous Jew hater. You can see him in the top photo, advising Hitler on how to handle the Jews. He fanned the flames of Anti-Semitism and recommended what became known as the Final Solution.

Having gained favor with Hitler, al-Husayni is exiled from Palestine for inciting a rebellion from the British. He flees to Bosnia, where he encourages a union with Hitler. 100,000 Bosnian Muslims join with the Nazis. They also begin a campaign of ethnic cleansing, killing 200,000 Christian Serbs, 22,000 Jewish Bosnians, and over 40,000 Gypsies.
Flag of the Bosnian Muslim division of the Third Reich Army

 The Grand Mufti’s anti-Western, anti-Jewish philosophy remains intact after his death through a group of his acolytes known as the Muslim Brotherhood. They carried over his desire to kill the Jews and carry out a Jihad on the West. They also subscribe to essentially the same perspective as Adolf Hitler, that all the world’s troubles can be traced to Jewish influence. The Muslim Brotherhood inspires other groups, including Al Qaida, Hamas, Fatah, and others. All of these groups carry Hitler’s torch of Anti-Judaism.
It is therefore highly ironic to hear the spokesmen for Hamas compare Israelis to Nazis. The Jews learned from the Holocaust. Their motto: “Never again.” And yet President Obama and the rest of the world’s leaders encourage Israel to bargain away territory for peace, suffering death by a thousand cuts. Gaza becomes a staging area for missiles targeting Israeli civilians, and we have the audacity to ask Israel for more concessions.

There is but one path to peace, a path the gutless leaders of the Western world would deny to Israel just as they refuse to follow it themselves. No lasting peace has been achieved without an unconditional surrender by one party in a war, which follows a victory so decisive as to make a treaty a mere formality. Treaties that come without decisive victory may as well be written on toilet paper. Israel has signed treaty after treaty and granted concession after concession, all to no avail. Why? We have held them on a tight leash and kept them from achieving a decisive victory.
Hamas rules the Palestinian Authority right now. Israel knows where the leadership meets. One well-placed missile and a sudden surge would be enough to put Hamas on the defensive. Eject them and any sympathizers from Israeli territory, including any gained after the Six Day War. Retake all concessions; the terms were never honored, so Israel has no obligation to honor its part in the bargain either. Let those who supposedly sympathize with and support the Palestinians host them as refugees. This will let the world know just how much sympathy they really have. (Jordan kicked them out for rabble-rousing soon after the Six Day War.)

It is my hope that our leaders here in the U.S. would have the testicular fortitude to defend us against attack without worrying about world opinion. I would expect them to seek a decisive and unquestionable victory, and demand an unconditional surrender and end to the conflict. And, I would expect them to greet any breach of that agreement with extreme prejudice. I expect no less from Israel. We are hypocrites to require of them what we would never accept ourselves.
For a more detailed history of the link between modern anti-Israeli terrorism and the Nazis, view the video on the following link: Hitler's Mufti

If you’ve been brainwashed by a selective interpretation of history, being taught only what anti-Israeli Liberals want you to know, much of this may seem shocking to you. However, it is all factual. We will never be able to improve reality until we know what it actually is.