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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Timing and Bill Cosby: A Case for Suspicion

He said/she said disputes are always nerve-wracking for me, especially when they involve someone I admire personally. As a youngster, I loved Michael Jackson's Thriller album; I played the cassette so much it became warped and stopped playing. When the accusations came out, I was disappointed. However, when the plaintiffs settled out of court and won the litigation lottery, I felt vindicated in my belief in Jackson's innocence. After all, as a parent, I would have gone directly for criminal charges.

Now Bill Cosby is under the gun. He is accused of being a serial rapist. While I am not suggesting the man has a flawless record of personal behavior, my instinct in this case is that he is most likely innocent. I intend here to make my case; let me know what you think. My reasons are as follow:

1. Gloria Allred is involved. This individual is a camera-hogging ambulance chaser of the worst sort. She takes cases generally for the publicity and celebrity she may garnish. Though she presents herself as a champion for women's rights, she displays her true colors as a champion of the almighty dollar with every case she takes. I wonder if she is going to make public what her cut might be of any settlement in this case?

 2. The statute of limitations has run out on at least two of the cases. This makes me wonder, "Why now?" Why would you wait so long to address the issue, and then do so in such a public way? If an undeserved shame kept you from speaking out, one would assume that you'd stay away from the spotlight as much as possible. Since this is not happening, I suspect that another motive is at work here. As for the woman who claims to have been assaulted as a minor, if she is telling the truth she deserves both justice and sympathy; moreover, her case will not be affected by a statute of limitations. However, Gloria Allred is doing her a disservice by bringing all three cases up at the same time. This implies that her motives are the same as the other claimants--in other words, economic.

3. Bill Cosby is well-known as one of the few socially conservative voices among African-American celebrities. He often speaks out on issues of personal responsibility, the negative impact of "gangsta" culture on Blacks everywhere, and other things that make the Left cringe. Given the current crop of events in Ferguson and New York City, America desperately needs someone of Bill Cosby's notoriety to talk some sense into people. With these accusations, he has been effectively silenced. Indeed, due to the nature of these accusations his reputation will be forever tarnished. Those who would profit, both economically and politically, from his silence are well-served by this turn of events.

Why are these accusations happening right now? I suggest they have been timed precisely to silence one of "ghetto" culture's most ardent critics. Bill Cosby has always portrayed African-American life as one full of possibility. He portrays upper-middle-class homes of responsible parents and professionals. He does not glorify "ghetto" culture or behavior, and he does so in a way that is both charming and entertaining. His stories counter the dogma that the authentic African-American culture is that of vulgarity and crime.

 Well, you have silenced a great voice of common sense in America, Ms. Allred. Congratulations.