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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Suicidal Tendencies of the Left

As many socially observant people have realized, liberals hate themselves. Not just as individuals, mind you, but as a group. Nobody but a liberal will tell you that they believe that they themselves are racially inferior. Yet many a liberal will agree with assertions that the "white man" has destroyed the earth, made the world a less benign place. For example:

I, for one, consider the races to be equal and, in my humble opinion, essentially unimportant and ambiguous designations. As Jared Diamond pointed out in Guns, Germs and Steel, there is more variation within races than between them. He also pointed out that conquest was a function of the availability of technology. The Egyptians conquered the Hebrews thanks to the chariot. The Romans conquered Europe thanks in large part to superior metallurgy. Europe conquered much of the world thanks to gunpowder. People do not conquer one another because one race is superior to another, nor do they fail to conquer because one is more benign than another. People conquer, by and large, because they can.

The technological advances made by Europe thanks to the development of the scientific method and innovations in industry have been of benefit to the entire world. When I see strings of racist comments about the inferiority of the white race I am amused by the fact that these comments are being made on computers using silicon chip technology and running on DC power, both innovations made by European-descended people. The selfsame people who claim that modern medical care is a basic human right ignore the fact that advances made largely in Europe have made these technologies possible. (Not to ignore the significant contributions made by African-Americans such as Dr. Ben Carson.)

The Left wishes to abandon the traditions and philosophy of the West while basing that desire on precisely the same reasoning Western philosophy promotes. Open-minded inquiry and self-examination are cultural traits that originated during the Enlightenment and the Age of Reason, both of which are developments that occurred in Europe. China and Japan had closed themselves off from outside contact at that time. The Islamic world was out of its Golden Age of scientific discovery. The West took that mantle and ran with it. The world's knowledge and technology have advanced at rocket pace ever since.

The good that has come from Western culture and the spread of European influence should not be ignored. If we fail to appreciate it, we stand a significant risk of losing all of the gains we have made. The Left, whose ideas are anathema to many of the cultures they so adore, would be the first to fall under a non-Western regime. Do they realize this? It seems hard to believe that they don't, but they don't seem to care either. Western culture, or "the white man" as bigots would label it, has been a boon to the world, even though the process by which it occurred has admittedly been a messy one. Nevertheless, the world will be much worse off if the tenets of our culture are lost, replaced by the intolerant cultures we are ironically expected to tolerate in our midst.

The lunacy of the Left never ceases to amaze me!

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