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Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Scalia Affair

It seems a bit more than coincidental that Justice Scalia passed away so soon after striking down President Obama's overreach once again. To liberals, Antonin Scalia was an anachronism. He was a man who read the Constitution the way it was written in the late 18th century. He believed, as the New York Times begrudgingly admitted, that words have meaning. He believed in an unchanging truth, and lived that truth as he saw it. He was an orthodox Roman Catholic who had as many children as God gave him and saw abortion as the evil that it is, although he defended limits on abortion on Constitutional grounds instead of using moral reasoning. To the totalitarian liberal agenda, Antonin Scalia was a major impediment.

Perhaps this is why there is so much speculation as to whether his death was due to natural causes, as is claimed. Why was there no autopsy? Was Scalia found with a pillow over his face? Why didn't a trained medical examiner even look at the body? Why was he buried so quickly? These and other questions lead many to suggest that perhaps the death was not just an elderly man dying in his sleep, but an assassination.

Donald Trump isn't backing away from this question, and it's a good thing. Somebody has to bring it into the national spotlight. Justice Scalia was a brash and intense voice for Strict Constructionism, the idea that the Constitution actually means what it says. He revived the theory and brought it into the political mainstream, forcing judicial activists to argue against the very words of the Constitution in order to ignore its guidance.

And President Obama is chomping at the bit to replace him with an arch-liberal activist similar to Justice Sotomayor, someone whose opinion in favor of gay "marriage" had nothing to do with the Constitution and everything to do with her politics. He may even nominate a member of his own cabinet notorious for blind liberalism in defiance of the law.

The Senate has a duty to uphold the Constitution. This duty includes limiting the power of a runaway president. All Obama needs is one vote to claim the powers of a dictator, relegating Congress to the purely symbolic role of Russia's Duma. Perhaps this is why he is so friendly to the Fidel Castro regime--he wants to be just like Fidel, a tyrannical overlord. While this statement may seem a bit extreme to some readers, the president's actions of late certainly do not rule out that possibility, do they?

I will miss Justice Scalia. I will miss a courageous and outspoken defender of the wisdom of our Founders. I pray that he will be replaced with a much younger ideological clone.  

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