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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Indiana Primary Jitters

I was a Ben Carson guy until he dropped out of the race. Afterward, I was a reluctant Ted Cruz fan, although I'm worried that Hillary Clinton, whose supporters actually originated the "birther" argument against Barack Obama in 2008, would resurrect it to attack him. He is demonstrably a natural born citizen; I have proved that in another post. Still, in a campaign it is a weakness that he was born in Canada even though his mother was an American citizen.

Nevertheless, Ted Cruz would make a great president. I don't understand why he'd choose a running mate before being nominated, but he made a good pick anyway. Carly Fiorina is experienced in the world of business and would have been a great presidential nominee had things turned out differently.

Cruz spoke at the Grand Wayne Center in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana last night to a lively crowd. With him were Glenn Beck, Mike Pence and local celebrity Pat Miller. For anyone listening, Cruz gave an amazing speech. It was intelligent, positive and heartfelt. Listening to it I couldn't help but think, "This man would make a great president!" It is too bad that the event likely made no impact whatsoever. You can view the entire rally and all of the speakers below:

According to polls this morning (election day in Indiana), Trump is ahead by a 15-point margin. Trump's supporters are die-hards who have likely already voted early in the weeks before the election, as Indiana allows folks to do. It is difficult to imagine Ted Cruz taking the state. If he loses, all of Indiana's fifty-seven delegates will be allocated to Donald Trump's total; Indiana is a winner-take-all state.

I am about to vote for Ted Cruz. If Trump wins, I won't be heartbroken. There is a lot to like about Donald J. Trump, although I think he'd be clobbered by the media right and left once he is nominated. Every scandal will be in the news 24/7. He will be mocked for his accent, his demeanor and his lack of political "sophistication" (a word that comes from sophism, meaning to make things so complicated they lose their meaning). I'll vote for Trump if he's the Republican nominee. I'd rather have Ben Carson, but that isn't going to happen. However, Dr. Carson endorsed Donald Trump, so he may well be chosen as a vice presidential nominee. He would add some much-needed gravitas to the ticket. (By the way, I absolutely loathe the word gravitas, but it fits in this case.) Trump would secure the borders and begin to level the trade imbalance by protecting native industry. For those who have read some of my earlier posts, I believe that protectionism is in fact the most conservative position; it is certainly the most similar to what the Founders practiced. I am not a Neo-Con, so I am only for free trade with other nations so long as it proves beneficial to ours.

We'll see how this goes. Either Republican would be vastly better than a Democrat. Trump might prove more liberal than he is campaigning, but both Hillary and Bernie would make him look like George Washington by comparison.

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