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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I saw it coming: Trump surges right on schedule.

I love to say "I told you so." Anyone who pretends they don't is a liar. Everyone loves being right and loathes being wrong, unless we're talking about doubting a lottery win.

With this in mind, I will refer you to a NY Post article about Trump closing the gap due to independent voters. Then, just to toot my own horn, I'll refer you to my expert analysis of polling trends and what the media wasn't telling you. Go ahead, click the links. See for yourself.

We'll see how my trend line analysis plays out in the long run.I suspect it will be fairly accurate. Trump's brashness becomes less jolting over time and with the opportunity to seriously and rationally consider his message. Hillary has nothing new to say. She's a less-likable Obama with health issues. Granted, I'm not holding those against her. We have no guarantee that any politician won't die from a sudden stroke, even some 150 pound, 35-year-old health nut. Life is unpredictable, and death even more so.

The L.A. Times has Trump at a 3-point lead. That must put a chill up the spine of a rather large portion of Los Angelinos. There are so many illegals and Mexican citizens in L.A. that Mexican candidates regularly campaign there. Heck, there are current U.S. residents running for office in the Mexican government.

Maybe if El Trumpo wins, that will change.

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